[DVIPDFMx] (e)-upTeX support in dvipdfmx

TANAKA Takuji KXD02663 at nifty.ne.jp
Tue Nov 15 22:02:09 KST 2011

Dear all,

Kakuto san told me
another way to treat hyperref by using
\special{pdf:tounicode UTF8-UCS2}
Kakuto san has updated
the source code in the TeXLive repository and
the incompatible lines in spc_pdfm.c were removed.
I think it is perfect.

Best regards,
Takuji Tanaka (ttk)

(2011/09/17 11:38), TANAKA Takuji wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am Takuji Tanaka (ttk), a upTeX developper.
> I have attended the DVIPDFMX ML today.
> Nice to meet you.
> I would like to propose the attached patch.
>> - euptex reencodes to UTF-8 "sometimes"
> My upTeX patch reencodes UTF-8 to UTF-16
> in spc_pdfm.c for hyperref .out files.
> The procedure is as same as xdvipdfmx.
> In the today's patch, I changed it
> that it works only with a new command line option "-U".
> Now, the un-compatibility problem is fixed.
> In addition, My upTeX patch reencodes characters using set3
> to UTF-16.
> I think it never causes compatibility problem.
>> Maybe CHAR_INDEX?
> I have revised it according to Karl Berry's suggestion.
> Since upTeX characters of char>0xFFFF always have char type "0" in tfm,
> we don't need larger size of "map->indices[]".
> I made "CHAR_INDEX()" function to save a memory.
> In the today's patch, I tried clarifying it.
> Best regards,
> Takuji Tanaka (ttk)
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